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Rosamond Hills

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Fred DeVito


  • Run or Hike: Run
  • Date: 17 June 2018
  • Distance: 6.9 Miles
  • Difficulty: Hard (30 mph winds)
  • Elevation Gain: 2152 ft
  • Elapsed Time: 1:21:45
  • Max Elevation (Garmin): 3134 ft
  • Min Temp (Garmin): 57 F
  • Max Temp (Garmin): 79 F
  • Avg Temp: 64 F

Parking Info:

2500 Cosmos Ave Rosamond, CA 93560. Start in the neighborhood and go north!

GPS Map of My Hike:

Quick Synopsis:

I want to share some trails that are not often frequented. My buddies and I are starting a buildup towards next year’s early season Ultra Marathon schedule and one of them recommended we hit the hills just north of Rosamond California in the High Desert. It was a no man left behind run, we are all currently at disparate levels of fitness, with varying degrees of climbing and descending skills. Beast mode is definitely a few months away (when we can run up Mt. Baden-Powell). I’m also only two weeks back into running from over a month off – I showed up to an olympic triathlon and couldn’t walk, so i took a month off from running.

It was a cool day in the High Desert, but also incredibly windy. In fact, it was so windy, that our sinuses were burning, and our ears were tender by the end of the jog. The 30+ mph winds had us hanging on to some of the ridges and getting stood up or swept away when we came around some corners. Luckily, for being mid June, the temperature was cool – you should expect 90 degree heat by 9:30 this time of year. Of note, at one point, we crested a peak and saw 2nd Amendment Alley, this is Kern County and the gun laws are much looser than LA county – so if you plan on coming out here, don’t head too far north – and definitely wear bright colors.

In terms of statistics, one guy showed over 3k ft of gain on this run, and another showed a bit more than I did – and we all have watches with barometers on them – but this area is definitely challenging, whether it was 2 or 3k ft, it’s still a lot of climbing with loose footing. Coming back into fitness is tough, but inevitably the pain is worth it.

The views were exquisite, barren and lonely, but definitely unique and breathtaking.

A Few Photos:

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